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Wooden Toys by Back to Blocks

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“Back To Blocks” is a family owned and operated business located in Kaysville, Utah, U.S.A.  We handcraft and sell wooden building blocks for children.

We feel as our world grows increasingly “high-tech”, many children are not developing their natural creativity.  So many toys today are entertaining, with batteries, bells, and whistles, but are children able to creatively play with them.  Even building sets like legos, usually come in a specific set with detailed instructions on how to build a certain item. Yes, kids love building them, but have we eliminated their ability to create, think, even learn how to problem solve. Wooden blocks are the perfect toy for building on children’s natural creative abilities.  Every family or classroom should own a set of BLOCKS!!!

We are committed to providing a safe, durable, natural, quality product.  Our blocks are  from natural hardwood.  They have no paints or dyes or stains.  We use poplar. A beautiful hardwood that comes naturally in a variety of  color variations. It can range from white to greenish to purple.It is light, sturdy, and affordable.