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The Original Haleys Corker

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The Original Haley’s Corker:
Never re-use a cracked, swollen or dried out cork again. Nor plastic silicon corks that can expand and be difficult to re-insert. Haley’s Corker is the world’s only 5 in 1 wine too that’s smaller than a cork! All made in the USA and an all green product.


Careful engineering makes it the “Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools”
  1. Aerator - Aerate immediately to enhance aroma and flavor
  2. Pourer - Control pour drip free
  3. Filter - Keep out cork residue, sediment, and tartrates
  4. Re-corker – wine, sparkling wine, liqueurs, large format beers, sake, vinegar, etc.
  5. Stopper – Store leak-proof on side